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Part of our design considers the level of maintenance the client can provide. While all containers will thrive nicely with regular watering, most will benefit from occasional pruning and fertilization to keep the blooms at their maximum. We provide the “how-to” information for those who chose to do this themselves. We are also available to provide maintenance visits on a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis.

We can keep your planters fresh and inviting all season long, or you may choose seasons individually. Installs are weather and material dependent but generally follow this schedule:

SPRING — April 1st

Spring can be tough to plan for in the Chicagoland area. We choose hardy blooming plants that can survive light frost.

SUMMER — May 10 – 31

We keep an eye on the forecast and install your pots once the threat of the last freeze is past.  If we are incorporating tropicals in your container, they will not be installed until night time temperatures reach 60 degrees.  We can either delay planting the entire container or use cooler weather filler plants.

AUTUMN — September 1

Chances are your summer pots are still looking great, but you’re ready for a change. We do fall foliage plantings the entire month of September and will work with your preferred schedule. Fall displays incorporating hay, pumpkins and corn are available September through mid-October.

WINTER — November 15 – 30

Winter interest pots incorporate fresh greenery and décor to celebrate the holiday season. We offer a variety of style options to suit your personal taste.


The cost of containers will vary by size and content making it difficult to quote a standard price. We are happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. We are always committed to building the most beautiful pot we can within your budget. Custom planted containers are available for as little as $45.


One long, hot weekend can do irreparable damage to the garden you’ve spent weeks and months caring for. We provide worry-free care, guaranteeing your plants get all the love and water they need while you are away.


We can apply our container services to annual bed and border planting and care.

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